Rental Guns

STORE POLICY: FOR SAFETY AND SECURITY REASONS, WE ONLY RENT FIREARMS TO GROUPS OF TWO OR MORE SHOOTERS, so please bring a friend along with you if you are planning to use our rental service. We prefer that at least one person in the group has experience with firearms.

$15.00 will allow you access to our full rental line-up, one item at a time, one item per firing lane, per group of two persons. For example; choose Glock 19, shoot it, bring it back and swap for a Glock 43, shoot it etc. All for one $15.00 charge. Swaps can be for any caliber firearm, just purchase the ammunition for the calibers you want to shoot. 

We do require that ammunition purchased from our store be used in our weapons. This is to prevent safety and maintenance issues where poorly reloaded ammunition or ammunition of the wrong caliber would be used. Our ammunition prices are very fair and reasonable, to help ensure that your experience is a great value.

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Youth Rifle/Shotgun