Target Time Defense Shooting Range & Training Center

Dear Target Time Defense Customers,

It is with very deep regret and sadness that I announce that Target Time Defense is closed indefinitely.

My family and I are very grateful to everyone that has supported Target Time Defense. Our family has been merchants in Blue Springs since 1977 with Village Gardens and Texas Tom's Drive-In. We raised our three sons in Blue Springs and live here as well. In 2013 I observed the incredible amount of interest in firearms, personal defense, and home defense with interest.

A quick tour of Target Time Defense Firearms Range and Training

I began to wonder why there was such a lack of modern, family and female friendly indoor shooting and firearms training facilities in Eastern Jackson County. I decided to learn and research the shooting range and firearms business in depth, spending two years doing so. I resolved to bring to Blue Springs and Eastern Jackson County a world-class indoor shooting range and firearms retail facility. I did it on my own. No investors. I pushed all, and I mean all, my chips into the center of the table to make this happen. We opened for business in January 2016. The first year went well and on track with my projections. The 2016 presidential election brought with it, what is referred to in the firearms/shooting industry as, the "Trump Slump". With a "gun friendly" administration in place, the "urgency" to buy guns before they were "banned" evaporated overnight. Since the election, the firearms industry has been in a deep recession. As a fragile, new start-up business, still building a customer base, our cash flow, the lifeblood of any business, dwindled to the point that we could not meet our financial obligations. I had to shut the doors to stop the bleeding. A better way to state it is that there's no blood left to bleed. I gave my EXCELLENT STAFF a two-week notice that we would close. They deserved at least that. I rationed our remaining capital to make sure I could pay my staff in full.

To All Membership Holders:

Frontier Justice in Lee's Summit has graciously offered to honor Target Time Defense Range Memberships that are in good standing until they expire. They are also honoring Target Time Defense Range Punch Cards.

To all NFA/Suppressor Customers:

We are holding your items securely just as we always have. The form 4's are pending with the ATF as normal. When the ATF approves the Form 4 and sends us your tax stamp we will contact you to make an appointment to come and pick up the item. You have paid in full for your items and they are yours. They are attached to our FFL license. The bank does not own your items and cannot do anything with your items. Only I, the FFL/SOT holder can have possession of these items until they are transferred to you. The ATF does not expedite Form 4's in this case so normal processing time will apply. Rest assured we will get all items to the rightful owners.

Is This the End?

This is not necessarily the end for Target Time Defense. If someone reading this either has an interest in being an equity partner in a firearms business or knows someone with such an interest, email me at and we can discuss it. I believe that our location and facilities are equal to any in the business. With the right capital investment, someone that has a passion for firearms, and vision to see it’s potential, Target Time Defense could be resurrected and thrive.

Best Regards,
TJ Nigro