Ti Training and Entertainment Simulator

Ti Training is the Leading Manufacture of Private Range Simulation and Training systems. 

Ti Training systems are used in many different venues and in many different ways. From basic entertainment to competition shooting, league play, concealed carry classes, self-defense training, firearms safety, hunter education and hunting experience applications. Ti Training systems feature "Military Grade" simulation and training to expand your Target Time Defense range experience.

Watch the videos below to learn about our simulators capabilities.

The Training Lab™ is an interactive Use of Force and Firearms Simulation system that combines the latest technologies with unique feature sets, allowing for total training customization.

The Training Room™ is a keypad system that allows an instructor to have everyone in the class connected wireless in real time. While presenting material, in either video or verbal format, the instructor can poll the class, test on a topic, or create a discussion based on student responses. It has been widely documented that student response systems greatly increase class retention levels, keeping students engaged and alert. 

 The Ti Training system provides the world’s best theater style interactive simulation and training systems to commercial ranges, clubs, organizations and individuals around the world.

The Ti Training "Gunfighter" module lets you do battle with zombies, cowboys, gangsters, thugs, international spies, aliens and crazy clowns. All play a role in making your entertainment experience more than just a shooting gallery....they transform Target Time Defense into an interactive  shooting experience unlike anything else on the market.

Novice and experienced shooters can benefit from by competing in sport shooting courses of fire that are accurately replicated down to the smallest detail allowing shooters to fully experience a course and improve their skills before setting foot on the real range.  We will set up local leagues at our location or join networked regional and national competitions online against other Ti Training equipped ranges using the web based Ti Leaderboard™ application. 

The Gunfighter  systems utilizes "Military Grade" simulation and training technology to accurately replicate every element of the world's top matches from Action Pistol, SASS, 3 GUN, IDPA, IPSC and other competitive shooting events.

These courses of fire are accurately replicated down to the smallest detail allowing shooters to fully experience the event before setting foot on a real range. Shooters can improve their skills, become familiar with the course of fire and practice as they will compete.

Each course is accurately replicated in the HERO Virtual world down to the smallest detail and replicate the actual timing, scoring, targets, ranges, distances, techniques and procedures associated with the competition being replicate.