Rules and Terms of Play

5 Card Stud

Participants can use any handgun they are comfortable with; .380 ACP and Larger. (No scopes, red dot, or pistol mounted lasers are allowed. No rests can be used) Rounds must be within the card for it to count. All Target Time Defense range rules still apply. There will be 5 consecutive shots per player per hand. Shooters can only load 5 rounds for each hand.

$20.00 per shooter – Price includes range rental, competition entry, and 2 playing card targets.

Does not include eye & ear protection, gun, or ammunition. Extra targets may be purchased after the start of the game.

Targets will be placed at 7 yards

Each hand will be scored as such:

  • Royal Flush             25 points
  • Straight Flush         20 points
  • Four of a Kind        15 points
  • Full House             12 points
  • Flush                      10 points
  • Straight                  8 points             
  • Three of a kind     6 points
  • Two Pair                4 points
  • One Pair                2 points
  • High Card              1 point

Shooters will be randomly selected by the RSO to see who will be matched together for the first round. The winners from each round will face off and the losers from each round will face off. Wild Card Will Be Chosen the Night of the Game.

1.       The participants will be assigned an opponent for the round and assigned a lane.

2.       Participants will follow all range safety rules while on the range

3.       Competitors will hang their targets at 7 yards and shoot 5 consecutive rounds.

4.       The RSO will mark the shots from the first round prior to the second round. The bullets must clearly land within one of the cards. shots that land between cards or that break multiple cards will not be counted.

5.       The highest total points for the 2 hands wins the round.

6.       If a tie occurs at the end of both hands, a single shot shoot-out will occur.

a.       Players will pick a color card from one of the 2 middle cards, closest to the center wins

7.       The winners from the first round will be randomly selected to compete against each other to repeat steps 3-7

8.       The losers from round 1 will be randomly selected to shoot against each other to repeat steps 3-7

9.       Steps will be repeated until there is a clear 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner


Prizes: Swag bags provided by our vendors.

The Results are in!

Visit blog to see updated scores and photos from the shoot.