Defender Family Membership

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Defender Family Membership

from 525.00

A Defender Family Membership Plan includes the following:

  • 2 Target Time Member Hats
  • 2 Target Time Defense Window Stickers
  • Use of our shooting facility without range fees
  • Use of eye and ear protection
  • 2 complimentary handgun rentals each year
  • 2 complimentary firearms safety checks each year
  • FFL transfer fee of $15 (does not apply to NFA transfers)
  • 8 Guest Passes annually - entitling guests to complimentary range usage when accompanied by a member of the family
  • 10% off ammunition and merchandise excluding firearms
  • 10% off all training classes
  • “Members Only” sales

Plan is valid for primary member, partner, and dependent children ages 12-18 living at home, and up to age 21 while enrolled in college.

Defender Membership available to active or retired law enforcement, fire, EMS and active, reserve or retired military personnel.

Plan Rate
$525 / year

Available TTD Advantage Plan
The TTD Advantage Plan allows for the unlimited, free rental of revolvers and semi-automatic firearms.  The Advantage Plan allows each family the ability to rent one firearm at a time, permitting the unlimited exchange of firearms at the member's discretion during each session. 

$120 annually

Click here to download a membership application to print, fill-out and bring to Target Time Defense, or Click on PURCHASE below to fill out the application and pay online.


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All Membership Plans purchased in advance of Target Time Defense's opening will commence upon the first full week of operation. 

You will receive a new member kit in the mail prior to Target Time Defense's opening date. We are still developing our member T-shirt, membership card and window sticker, so it may be September before the new member kit is mailed

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