Corporate Membership

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Corporate_TTD_Logo 2.png

Corporate Membership

from 150.00

A Corporate Membership Plan includes the following:

  • 5 Target Time Member Hats
  • 5 Target Time Defense Window Stickers
  • Use of our shooting facility without range fees
  • Complimentary use of eye and ear protection
  • 5 complimentary handgun rentals each year
  • 5 complimentary firearms safety checks each year
  • FFL transfer fee of $15 (does not apply to NFA transfers)
  • 10 Guest Passes annually - entitling guests to complimentary range usage when accompanied by a corporate member of the company
  • 10% off ammunition and merchandise (excluding firearms)
  • 10% off all training classes
  • “Members Only” sales

Plan is valid for 5 individuals.

Plan Rate
$995 / year
Additional individuals up to 10 may be added for $195 per year, per member
Additional individuals above 10 may be added for $150 per year, per member
(non-transferable and only for employees of the company)

Available TTD Advantage Plan
The TTD Advantage Plan add-on allows for the unlimited, free rental of revolvers, semi-automatic and full auto firearms. The Advantage Plan allows each member the ability to use one rental firearm at a time, permitting the unlimited exchange of firearms at the member's discretion during each session. 

$240 / year

Click here to download a membership application to print, fill-out and bring to Target Time Defense, or Click on PURCHASE below to fill out the application and pay online.


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All Membership Plans purchased in advance of Target Time Defense's opening will commence upon the first full week of operation. 

You will receive a new member kit in the mail prior to Target Time Defense's opening date. We are still developing our member T-shirt, membership card and window sticker, so it may be September before the new member kit is mailed

For any questions email: