Don't want to pay everything today?

Then we suggest layaway as your form of payment.

TTD policy is a 90 day layaway agreement with 25% down. There is no mandatory payment schedule other than having the firearm paid in full within 90 days.

  1. To set up layaway:
    • Must have valid ID / acceptable supplemental ID for address as required
    • Must have a specific firearm picked out from the store or ordered
    • Customer to complete/sign a 4473
    • NICS check must have a response of Delay or Proceed
    • Pay at least 25% down - payment made by person on the 4473 buying the firearm
  2. You may come in as frequently as you would like to make payments.
  3. All items on layaway transaction must remain locked in the TTD vault. If there are items you would like to take with you that day, then those items will be put on a separate ticket.