Certified Instructors

All of our classes and private instruction courses are taught by certified trainers from a variety of backgrounds and training schools.

H. Wilson Surber

Missouri & Kansas Concealed Carry - MO SMART certified; Refuse to Be a Victim; Individual Training. Wilson has been teaching CCW classes in Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado for 6 years. He is a life member of the NRA and an instructor for four of the different hand gun classes offered by the NRA. His goal as a CCW/CCH instruction is to insure that all the students have a thorough understanding of all the information required by the different states statutes. He has personally been a competitive shooter for several decades. He completed three defensive handgun courses at Front Sight Training Center near Las Vegas, NV. A little history, he grew up on a farm out in Kansas where he enjoyed hunting and fishing. Attended college at University of Arkansas and University of Phoenix. Served in United States Navy. Later in his life he won several state championships in IHMSA competition. Has also hunted large game in most western states for numerous years. "Look Forward to having you in class in the near future." - Wilson

Rick Gerken

MO SMART certified; First Shots; Basic & Ladies Basic Pistol; Individual Training. Rick served as a law enforcement officer in eastern Jackson County for 30 years. He is a former field Investigator for OPM, with duties to conduct National Security Clearance Background Investigations. Most recently, he was a Range Safety Officer for the Missouri Department of Conservation, and holds current NRA Instructor certifications in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun, Personal Protection Inside The Home, Personal Protection Outside The Home, and Home Firearm Safety. “We can teach the skills and knowledge, you bring the attitude” - Rick.

Greg Bell

Greg is a full-time Telecommunications Engineer/Auditor, and Assistant Manager at Target Time Defense. As a life long firearms enthusiast he has received extensive training to fuel his passion. He is a graduate of the USMC Basic Armorer's School, certified secondary armorer for the M16A2, M4, and M240G, certified Rifleman Instructor, and NRA-certified Range Safety Officer. He has also received training in CPR/First Aid/AED and BCon training. Greg has studied the direct effects of bullet construction as it applies to expansion vs velocity, and how best to develop efficient cartridge loading to maximize its effectiveness. He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge! Greg says “To be truly proficient, one must understand every aspect of their firearm, not just grip, stance, and sight picture, but the ammunition as well” - Greg

Glen Hoerman

Teaches Get To Know Your AR & Accessorize Your AR classes. Glen is a certified Glock Armor; AR-15 and M-4 Armor. New AR owners clamor to Glen to glean from his encyclopedic knowledge of the AR platform in care, maintenance, and accessorizing their firearm, as well as work on the range with their stance to improve their shooting skills. "The expert has missed more times than the beginner has tried." -Unknown