FFL Transfers are processed
using the following guidelines:

  • Incoming FFL Transfer Fee (Non-Member):  $35
  • Incoming FFL Transfer Fee (Member Fee):   $15
  • Outgoing FFL Transfer Fee (Non-Member):  $50, plus shipping fee; Sender must provide shipping box and packing material-do not seal.
  • Outgoing FFL Transfer Fee (Member Fee):  $35, plus shipping;  Sender must provide shipping box and packing material-do not seal.
  • If you purchase a Silencer/NFA item from a third party dealer, distributor, or manufacturer, and we are doing the transfer for you we charge $80 to do the transfer and use our S.I.D. Kiosk for your Form 4 and Fingerprint scan.
  • Target Time Defense reserves the right not to ship to certain states. 
  • Any handgun being shipped out MUST BE SHIPPED 2ND DAY AIR to the other FFL. Any long gun being shipped out can use GROUND SHIPPING unless otherwise stated.
  • Firearms are received and shipped as is. Individual sending the firearm is responsible for the condition of the firearm and responsible for filing any claims if insurance is purchased through the carrier. If no insurance is purchased, sender assumes all responsibility for the firearm's condition and satisfaction or lack thereof of the recipient. All packaging supplies are the responsibility of the sender. Packages are to remain unsealed for the processing of the firearm and the package will be sealed by shipper's standards by TTD staff once the firearm is processed.

To initiate a firearm transfer, the person receiving the firearm(s) must complete this form.

Full Legal Name *
Full Legal Name
First and Middle name(s); Last Name with Suffix, if applicable.
Current Residential Address *
Current Residential Address
PO Boxes are not accepted.
Transferee/Buyer Phone Number *
Transferee/Buyer Phone Number
Best phone number to contact you when the transfer is processed.
Business Name and Contact Information for FFL transferring firearm.
Dealer Phone Number *
Dealer Phone Number
Once your firearm arrives at Target Time Defense, we must properly log it into our Bound Book to comply with federal regulations. Please note that we receive a large number FFL inventory on a daily basis and have a system in place for handling these items correctly - this does not happen immediately upon receipt. PLEASE ALLOW up to 48 HOURS TO PICK UP YOUR FIREARM (a delievery notice from the carrier to you does not mean that we have processed your transfer yet) - we will contact you when it is ready for pickup. You may receive notification through your shipping carrier that it has been delivered to TTD - however we still request up to 48 hours from that time to process properly within our system. Any firearm received after 4pm on Wednesday or Saturday will not be available for pickup until the end of the following day. Thank you.