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CZ-USA and Target Time Defense recognize the many sacrifices our first responders and military members make on a daily basis. As a small way of saying thanks, we offer a special buying program for these special people (as well as retirees from these professions). Participants enjoy a significant savings off MSRP on world class CZ and Dan Wesson Firearms.


To be eligible you will need to provide credentials so we can verify that you qualify for the CZ-USA LE/MIL/First Responder sales program (Fire, Medical, EMT, PD,  Armed Security Contractors).  Please provide ANY ONE OF the following employment verification's:

  1. A copy of Department Badge or ID Card/Active, Guard, Reserve Military ID. (Benefit/privilege cards, expired ID cards, VA ID Cards, DD214’s and family ID cards are not eligible, must be in an active participant status - CAC card)
  2. Retired LE/EMS/FIRE or Military ID card (DD Form 2 – Retired/Reserve Retired card is the only acceptable form of military Retired ID.  This card will be either RED or BLUE)
  3. 100% Disabled Veterans (VA ID card and the Service Benefit Verification letter from the VA) - You can get this from:
  4. Employment verification letter on department letter head.
  5. Email from your military or department email address (.com emails not accepted)
  6. Please note that DOD/DOS/DOJ Civilian ID’s are not considered qualification unless you are a first responder or have documentation stating you are authorized to carry a firearm in the course of your duty.

CZ-USA does not allow us to publish prices for LE/MIL Blue Label eligible firearms. Please bring your credentials to Target Time Defense. We can then discuss your special pricing.  

*Please note that CZ-USA now requires a yearly recertification/proof of employment/retirement each time your purchase a firearm on the program.