Conceal Carry Permit for Basic Pistol Grads


Conceal Carry Permit for Basic Pistol Grads


Have you recently taken our Basic Pistol Course?

Then this concealed carry class is for you!

This class is for Missouri residents who have competed a regular or online course on firearm safety and have the certificate of completion from an instructor certified by the National Rifle Association. 

This Concealed Carry Permit Course will include:

  • Handgun safety in the classroom, at home, on the firing range and while carrying the firearm
  • Physical demonstration of ability to safely load and unload a revolver and semiautomatic pistol
  • RSMO 571
  • RSMO 563
  • Methods of carrying concealed
  • Live fire with either a revolver of a semiautomatic pistol, 40 rounds from 21 feet at two different targets

If student does not have a firearm or necessary equipment for this exercise, it will be provided for the live fire portion of the class, including hearing protection and eye protection.  If the student has their own equipment they will need 50 rounds of ammunition plus hearing and eye protection.

Cost:  $75

Each student must bring their firearm safety certificate (earned through the Basic Pistol course) as well as their photo ID. 

Please Note: Enrollment is cut-off 2 days prior the scheduled class date.

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