Basic Pistol


Basic Pistol


This class is for people interested in learning how to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.  Everything is taught hands on. Bring your own unloaded gun to learn about although no firearm is required to take this class (will be supplied).

· Identify parts of handgun & ammo

· How pistols & revolvers operate

· Identify ammunition

· Things to consider when purchasing a firearm

· Target vs Defensive ammo

· Grip, stance, sight picture, sight alignment, proper trigger pull, and other marksmanship skills

· Shooting on the range

· Cleaning kits / supplies

· How to clean the firearm

· Safe storage of your firearm

Please Note: Enrollment is cut-off 2 days prior the scheduled class date.

Sign-up and Pay

The minimum class size is 5 people. If there are less than 5 people signed up for a course, the students will be contacted and asked to move to a class on a later date.