Your Local Gun Store Offers the Promise of Adventure | Target Time Defense

Remember when you were young and going to the local gun shop with your dad and your grandpa was a real chore, a serious time waster? Neither do we!

Going to the gun shop is always a fun experience, even if it's just some small gun store in Missouri, off the beaten path and on the way home from your favorite hunting grounds. There's something about them, something that brings back memories of hunting trips and shooting adventures with family and friends. And of course, the gun store offers the promise of new memories in the making! What'll it be this year or next? Where will you find your next adventure? Will it be hunting for pheasant in South Dakota? Antelope in Colorado? Or something else—something even more extraordinary? Maybe bush pig in Zimbabwe!

Whatever your next shooting adventure, you can find the tools you need at your local Blue Springs gun store. Besides our world-class shooting range and firearms training facility, Target Time's gun store in Missouri carries a wide selection of the most popular brands—from concealed carry pistols to gun safes and everything in between.

Shooting enthusiasts could easily spend the better part of the day in our Blue Springs gun store and never run out of new things to see. We have everything from handguns and pistols to centerfire and lever action rifles, a vast array of shotguns, and all the shooting accessories that you could ever want or need. When it comes to handguns, we've got some of the most popular concealed carry pistols on the market, including brands like Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Glock, Colt, and many more. Looking for rifles? We carry Browning, Remington, Winchester, and others, not to mention shotguns by some of the best brands around, including Weatherby and Mossberg.

Plus, you can bring the whole family! In addition to offering firearms training and safety classes for all skill levels, our entire facility is designed to be family-friendly and safe and welcoming for all ages.

When you come to your Kansas City gun store, you'll always be met with a smile by a member of our knowledgeable and friendly staff, ready to help you find the gun that's right for you or answer any questions you might have about ammunition, shooting accessories, firearms training classes, or whatever else is on your mind.

Whether you have fond memories of your local Missouri gun store or haven't ever set foot in one before today, your Kansas City gun store at Target Time is here to help you revisit fond memories and start building new ones, with the staff, service, and, of course, the selection that you demand. We also have an indoor shooting range and firearms training center in Blue Springs, Missouri. So whatever your next shooting adventure, get started at Target Time today!