What to Look for in a Missouri Shooting Range | Target Time Defense

Whether you're an old hand at shooting sports, have just picked up your first gun, or would simply like to learn more about how to defend your home and family, there's no better place to practice than in a clean, safe, professional Missouri shooting range. But when it comes time to look for a gun range, what should you be looking for to make sure that you and your family get the best (and safest) shooting experience possible? Look for a Missouri shooting range that is:

  • Indoors. Indoor ranges provide optimal conditions for shooting and practicing, as well as safety, comfort, and security.
  • Spacious. You don't want to swing by your Missouri shooting range and then spend all your time there waiting for a lane to open up, so make sure that the gun range you choose has enough lanes to let several shooters practice at the same time.
  • Ventilated and well-lit. When you're shooting you want to be comfortable, and of course you want to be able to see what you're aiming at.
  • Reasonably priced. The shooting range shouldn't be some kind of private club. At Target Time, we make our Missouri shooting range family-friendly so that the whole family can learn about gun safety and get an opportunity to enjoy firearms in a safe and responsible fashion.
  • Stocked with firearms, ammo, and protection. When you choose a shooting range, why not pick one that has all the amenities you need right on-site, with a gun shop that sells ammo and other accessories like eye and ear protection, and that rents out a wide selection of firearms so that you can try them out before you buy them?
  • Home to training and specialized classes. A gun range can simply be a place to shoot, or it can be a place to learn and hone your skills. At Target Time Defense, we offer a range of classes for every skill level and interest, taught by expert instructors who specialize in helping you excel. 
  • Built with safety in mind. Perhaps most importantly, you want your Missouri shooting range to put the safety of you and your family first. This means everything from dividing stalls built with ballistic steel safety ceilings and baffles to safety rules that are strictly enforced to ensure that everyone behaves responsibly. At Target Time, first-time shooters must watch our 8-minute Range Safety Video, read our Range Safety Rules, and sign the Range Waiver, and our NRA-certified Range Safety Officers make sure that everyone follows the rules, every time.

So if you're looking for a Missouri shooting range that offers an exceptional shooting experience while prioritizing the safety and comfort of all of its members, then come visit our indoor shooting range, firearms training center, and gun shop in Blue Springs, Missouri and see what the difference is at Target Time Defense!